How Can Benefit Statement Software Help Reduce My Turnover?

The need to reduce turnover is greater today than ever before. As the first of the Baby Boomers turn 60, many are beginning to retire. The generation just now entering the workforce contains about 33 million fewer individuals, meaning that employers are finding a much smaller pool of talent to choose from. This smaller talent pool makes hiring quality employees much more expensive.

To make matters worse, studies show that as the economy starts to turn around, employers will start to see higher turnover. Many employees have reported that they’ve stayed in their current positions because they had nowhere else to go, but they’ll start looking for better opportunities as soon as the job market turns.

In a survey by the Society for Human Resource Management, these employees were asked why they planned on searching for a new job as the job market gets better. The number one response given was that they were seeking better compensation and benefits.

While you may not be able to retain your employees by raising salary or offering more benefits, you could make them think twice about accepting other job offers by providing them with detailed benefit statements. You know the value of the benefits you provide, but chances are your employees do not.

By showing your employees the monetary benefits of their health insurance, 401(k), time off or even perks like free parking or cell phone service, you’ll readjust their perception of their current situation. This can help reduce turnover and, in turn, drastically reduce your hiring budget. The costs of employee turnover do not have to be such a burden.

View a demo to learn more about how can help you reduce turnover.

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