Are You Sitting on Valuable Retention Information?

You may be sitting on valuable retention information for your employees, and not even realize it.

It’s your Benefits Package. And maybe your employees don’t even know what value it provides, because you haven’t simply communicated it.

Or maybe it’s time to rethink your benefits programming.

Times have changed. How much one makes, and what hoops one must jump through to be at work, have come to a point of decision and change for currently 8 percent of all employees in the marketplace. So, now is a great time to rethink your benefits programming, and/or communicate what you already offer.

Issues to rethink include the following.

  • Time off
    • Personal time
    • Family time
    • Medical time off
    • Holiday Time off
  • Work from home
    • Home business equipment allowances
    • Smart phone allowances
    • Short-term parking allowances to drop off or pick up work
  • Minimum wage/bottom-rung wage increases
  • Quality-of-life perks
    • Workspaces
    • In-office social spaces
    • Accommodations
    • Food at work
  • Incentives that accomplish critical success factors
    • Sales
    • Recruitment
    • Operational improvements/savings
  • Increased management/staff engagement
  • Other ideas
    • Quarterly performance reviews
    • Exit interviews
    • HR hire
    • Tighter manager performance reviews

If you are paying for it instead of your employees having to pay for it – tell them what you are spending on them.

If you are providing a service, even such as free parking in your parking lot, that they would have to pay money for at another job, quantify and communicate it.

Even if you don’t provide a lot of paid holiday or vacation time, anything you do provide is more than a current employee or prospective employee would get if he/she/they went freelance. Let them know.

The entire motivation for COMPackage – the world’s first self-serve total compensation reporting solution, is to show your employees all of the value that you provide above and beyond their compensation.

Given the low cost of COMPackage, why miss out on this motivational (recruiting- and retention-related) opportunity?

Are you already doing some sort of homemade solution (e.g., Excel and Word) to communicate total compensation reports to your employees? Our customers who used to do it that way have told us time and again that, given the level of effort to use and maintain such a homemade system, it’s easier to use COMPackage.

Check out COMPackage today. With our 30-day risk-free money-back guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

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